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10 Heartwarming Quotes About Grandparents

Grandparents are gifts to every family. They have a wealth of knowledge gained through their lifetime and can share with it children as they grow. They influence you as you grow up and have seen the world change. Here are ten of our favorite quotes to commemorate how special they are.

Why the Wait Is Worth It

Don’t rush God when you’re impatient for something to happen. His timing is always perfect.

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Leaving Love Notes for a Grandson

A grandmother also celebrates her spiritual source of love, the Bible.

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When It’s Time to Unplug

A day at the beach with family reminds a grandmother to put away the technology.

The Gift of Sharing God's Love

When a five-year-old grandson plays baseball, he's cheered on by a loving fan club of family and friends.

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Staying Close to God

A grandmother sees a larger lesson while keeping an eye on her young grandchildren at a crowded theme park.

God's Guiding Hand in a Confusing World

A grandmother expresses gratitude for protection and help through fearful times.

Driving with Jesus

A small grandson’s obsession with cars fuels a grandmother’s faith.

Passing Along Faith to a New Generation

A grandmother shares her joy at seeing her grandchildren baptized.

Her Grandpa Jacques Sent a Message from Beyond

A woman who misses her grandfather, a deceased Holocaust survivor, stumbles upon an unlikely find that brings him close to her again.

Living Faith in Front of Your Family

A grandchild remembers her most precious inheritance.

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Asking with a Child-Like Faith

When we come to God with a question, He will answer it according to what we need.

Don’t Lose Jesus!

The most important part of a family’s 30-year-old Nativity scene is well guarded.

Enough Love for Everyone

A grandmother teaches an important lesson to her grandson and reflects on the bounty of God’s love.

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