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12:00PM / EST

Language shapes culture. Prophetic contextualization of moments and seasons allow people to move from confusion to conversion/change. If Peter hadn’t given language to the outpouring of Acts 2 with the context of the prophecy of Joel, people likely would have missed  (and certainly misunderstood) the moment and the significance of what was happening. Instead, because he gave them language for the moment, 3,000 people instantly said, “I want in on that!”


Without language, signs are missed. Wrong language can even usurp evidence. In Numbers 13, the children of Israel had the “evidence” of the promised land, but the language from 10 of the 12 spies caused an entire generation to forfeit their inheritance by giving a false depiction of the moment based on wrong perception. Their language overcame even the evidence of the promise.

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Last year, Pastor Sam Oyé brought out a key point for us. Everyone seems to be declaring Revival in this season, and even praying for revival. So we have to ask ourselves, if everyone is praying the same word, why does revival “tarry?” Perhaps because, while we are saying the same word, we don’t all mean the same thing because we all define it differently. Genesis 11 shows us what God says about people who speak the same language, even when their intentions were bad. The Lord said, “The people are one and they have one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do; now nothing that they propose to do will be impossible for them.” Genesis 11:1, 6 MEV


What would happen if we all spoke the language of revival? Nothing shall be impossible for people who speak the same language.Jones Boutique leisure York New Jacket 65vwpw0qY

Pastor William McDowell

Conference Host & Lead Pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church

The driving passions of Pastor William are the Word of God, and seeing people grow in Him and experience His presence. Husband to LaTae McDowell, and father of 4 children - Joshua, Olivia, Caleb and Joy, Pastor William passionately pursues the mission of Deeper Fellowship - to cultivate a deeper fellowship with God and one another.


A gifted teacher and world renowned worship leader who has travelled to nearly 40+ nations around the world, Pastor William believes the greatest privilege in ministry, apart from ministering to family, is serving in the local church.


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General Admission
Shorts Club 3 Stripes 3 Stripes $179
Entrance to every session
Group Tickets
$179  $172
For groups of 10+
2-Day Lunch Voucher
An optional add-on for catered lunches
on Thursday and Friday from
Chick-fil-a and 4-Rivers Barbecue
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3 Club 3 Shorts Stripes Stripes Is conference transportation provided?

No. Registrants are responsible for all of their own transportation needs and should factor this into their travel expenses.

Are my tickets refundable?


All ticket sales are final unless due to a travel or medical emergency, upon which all refunds will be case by case. As conference is frequently sold out, no refunds will be given within 30 days prior to the event day.

What is the lunch voucher?

This is a 2-day lunch voucher that can be added as an optional $20.00 add-on during registration. It includes lunchtime catering from Chick-fil-a on Thursday, and a Friday lunchtime option from 4-Rivers BBQ.

What time do doors open?

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Registration begins at 5:00pm. Conference doors will open at 6:00pm.

What is the attire?Max Studio Boutique Boutique Blazer leisure leisure tw81tWqFU

Sometimes, an encounter with God is messy! COME COMFORTABLE. Also come expecting a life-changing, life-altering encounter with God. 

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Bright Ministry Center

11002 Lake Hart Drive

Orlando, FL 32832


When planning your trip to Habitation, any of the hotels near the Orlando International Airport will be a good choice, as they are about 10 minutes from the conference center. Here are a few suggestions:


Due to the alternate conference location this year, we are now offering a 2-day lunch voucher available for purchase upon registration. Lunch voucher food options are: Chik-fil-A (Thursday) & 4Rivers BBQ (Friday)

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7:00PM - SESSION 1



(with Pastor John Hannah)

9:00AM - SESSION 2

2:00PM - SESSION 3

7:00PM - SESSION 4



(with Pastor John Hannah)

9:00AM - SESSION 5

2:00PM - SESSION 6

7:00PM - SESSION 7



***REMINDER: No transportation of any kind will be provided by the Habitation Conference. Please factor transportation into your travel plans.

For the last two years, God has been pouring out Revival in this region in unprecedented ways. “It’s Happening” book recaps the history of Revival in America, chronicles the hundreds of miracles that have happened in Deeper Fellowship Church during this time, and provides a perfect context to our level of expectation at Habitation Conference 2018.


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