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We work to make the world’s information clearer and easier to use by improving how people learn, practice, and teach information architecture.

What is Information Architecture?

The practice of information architecture facilitates people and organizations to consider their structures and language thoughtfully.

Join the IA Community

The Information Architecture Institute has members in dozens of countries. If you’d like to network with like-minded people and support projects that further the global practice of IA, join us today.

World IA Day 2018

On February 23, 2018, the 8th annual World IA Day will be held across the globe. To learn more about sponsorship, locations, and how you can get involved, visit our our site!
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Join the IA Institute

"The IA Institute has already helped to shape the field and its practitioners. But what really excites me is what the IA Institute can become. Ann Casual winter LOFT Boutique Dress Taylor TRzq5ZWhat amazing things might Lam Jacket 10C Leisure Derek Athleta winter you do together with thousands of others who also want to make sense of information?"
- Lou Rosenfeld